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What Does the Energy Performance Certificate Display?


  • An Indication of current carbon dioxide emissions

  • An indications of potential emissions on an annual basis

  • The potential energy use of the building

  • Cost effective improvements list

It's similar in style and purpose to the stickers which have been fixed to domestic appliances and cars for some time, with a good rating (lower environmental impact) approaching the top of the Energy Efficiency Rating and Environmental Impact charts. The very top of these charts indicate a carbon neutral property.


With some simple improvements, it may be possible to progress a property to a higher banding (lower environmental impact), so although the EPC is mandatory, it may be possible to save you or a Tenant money, making it a cost effective investment.


As a Landlord, it would probably be a good investment to spend money on the lower-cost suggestions generated by the report, to make rental units more attractive to tenants in what is a very competitive market at the moment.


Why you need an EPC?


The EPC legislation for Scotland came into effect from the 4th of January 2009. All Scottish Landlords and prospective sellers must now provide Energy Performance Certificates to new and prospective tenants / buyers.


The EPC must be made available free of charge at the earliest possible opportunity and no later than the time when written particulars are provided to a tenant or when a viewing is conducted or if neither of these occur, before any form of agreement is signed.


Failure to adhere to these regulations can result in a penalty charge of around £200 for each breach.